Fungal parasites are often useful as medicinal chemical, but there is some harmful sort of mushroom that negatively affects the human body. Some people are familiar with fungi, and the fungal medications are beneficial for them. However, the infection of fungal rust in bread, pieces of fruits, and the cultivated crops like wheat especially need to be cared for. But some mushrooms have medical benefits. Penicillin is the best-known medications made of mold. Penicillin is an antibiotic used against bacterial infections in the human body.

There is another medication which is made by lovastatin, used to lower LDL cholesterol. It is usually beneficial for animals but often used for balancing human cholesterol level too. Cyclosporine is a mold which is used as a chemical that suppresses the activity of the immune system and is administered after the transplantation of an organ. It helps the cells to prevent the rejection of the organ.

Besides this, there are a few untreatable diseases that have no control, but lentinan is becoming an interesting substance which may boost the activity of the immune system and make medications used to treat some sort of cancer more effective. Finally, the researchers are suggested to go for the research of such mushrooms and bacterias that have medicinal chemical benefits and to eradicate the dangerous diseases.