KARACHI   -  Jamaat-i-Islami on Friday staged protest outside the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board over water shortage in the city and demanded to form judicial commission or NAB inquiry over delay in K-IV bulk water supply project.

Addressing the protest demo outside the KWSB headquarters, Jamat e Islami’s Karachi Ameer Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman said that up till now there have only been corruption and negligence in the construction of K-IV water project and this matter should be sent to NAB or else a Judicial Commission must be formed.

“If all this doesn’t take place within a span of one week than JI will itself approach the NAB so City, Federal and the Provincial Government should take the issue of water with seriousness and positive measures,” he added.

He said that all the three phases’ of construction should be done simultaneously and must be completed in a year; the equal distribution of water should be done on day to day supply while Provincial and Federal Governments should play their part by providing the amount.

He said that JI has already started the campaign of ‘Give respect to Karachi’ as well as their rights, the public requires water severely and a demonstration will be done outside the Governor House.

Despite three major parties as PTI, PPP and MQM having powers the issues of the people are not being addressed. All this was addressed in front of the Water Board’s MD office at Shahrah-e-Faisal through Public’s Press Conference while the top leadership was also present. At the occasion the citizens were carrying empty buckets, bottles and play cards.

“Even though Karachi raises 70 percent of country’s revenue for the federal government and a 90 percent to the province revenue and all this revenue is in the hands of three major parties. The issues of Karachi haven’t been solved when all these three parties are in power so when will they be solved,” he stated.

He insisted that JI had no alternative but to held demonstration at every forum for the rights of citizens as Provincial and Federal Budgets had so less money for Karachi that the completion of even a one project seems impossible. And if still the issues are not addressed and considered no one can stop JI from bringing people out onto the streets.

The provincial lawmaker Syed Abdul Rasheed said that JI forces the issues to be solved for the welfare of citizens and only JI has taken steps in order to solve Karachi’s water issues. During the reign of Mayor Abdul Sattar Afghani and Namat ullah Khan Water projects were started but today’s water supply in the city can provide water to only 40 percent of citizens.