Kashmir has been bearing the brutalities of Indian Security Forces. Thousands of Kashmiris laid their lives down for their loved ones and their rights. Currently, India has taken over the territory of Kashmir by oppressing and suppressing the voices of people. Recently, thousands of stories of victimized Kashmiris have come to light. It is sad to see how the Muslim Ummah is divided and only acting on self-interest rather than standing by Palestinian, Burmese and especially Kashmiris, who have suffered unbearable conditions.

Besides putting lives of Kashmiris at risk, Indian security forces and government are destroying the homes of natives, committing vandalism, and giving domiciles of Kashmir to non-natives. According to a recent report on Kashmir, many journalists were arrested for speaking on Kashmiri struggles. The report said that in the first six months of 2020, the media continued to be at the receiving end of pressure, intimidation and harassment by authorities with several incidents involving the beating of journalists. Besides physical assault, a few Kashmir-based journalists were also booked under stringent charges and cases were filed against them. A rights group said that more than 229 killings were caused in 100 military operations from January to July this year in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Similarly, the killing of Bashir Ahmed Khan, an aged man, by Indian security forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir, at the town of Sobore, is beyond humane. This incident shows how barbaric and heartless these Indian Forces are.

Muslim countries at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) must put up a united front against blatant human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir. Despite being a population of 1.8 billion, Muslims have suffered all over the world, particularly in Indian Occupied Kashmir. However, a collective effort of Muslim countries could resolve the grievances and sorrows of suffered Muslims, especially of Kashmiris. OIC must take unanimous action to resolve the Kashmir dispute.