ISLAMABAD-Countrywide, a changing trend in the tradition of wedding ceremonies has been witnessed during the outbreak of novel coronavirus which has made it easy, simple and economically affordable for almost all segments of the society. The ongoing coronavirus has altered almost all aspects of life from public to private, working to socialisation, teaching to learning and meetings to greetings.

The virus has also left long-lasting effects on the existing tradition of matrimony in the country. Weddings are a time of great joy and celebration. Everyone wants to invite maximum friends and family members to witness and celebrate the event to the fullest.

Consequently, marriage is always considered one of the biggest events in life for almost everyone. But at the same time, it is not easy to tie the knot in Pakistan due to deep rooted cultural rituals, traditions and unwritten code of the society. Therefore, it takes weeks and sometimes months to make preparations for weddings. However, the long existing trend of extravagance in wedding ceremonies had become an economic burden for a major segment of the society.

Consequently, for many, marriage remains a dream and mission impossible throughout their lives. But the pandemic has changed the entire paradigm.  

Therefore, people were left with no option but either to put on hold the weddings or simplify it by inviting fewer guests. Therefore, most of them have celebrated their weddings at their residence with a small reception of people.