The Kashmir issue has become more intense with the passage of time. There is no move to raise voices favouring independence in the unlucky region of South Asia. The worst has been happening to the 800000 or more people of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), but no nation has raised their voice nor has any action been taken for the Muslim population. If the same situation of curfews or jingoism was being imposed on any other non-Muslim state, the reaction of world would be much worse.

The Kashmir issue has come to a critical juncture for the first time in the last 7 decades, getting worse and complex, thereby demanding attention and seriousness by the authorities. The unfortunate people have been facing Indian barbarism at its peak since the last 11 months—experiencing famine, disasters and the loss of innocent lives. Pakistan and other Islamic leaders must present the Kashmir matter as an issue of human rights.

On August 5, 2019, Narendra Modi put the entire Subcontinent at risk of a nuclear war, which would only lead to the destruction of Asia like that of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, by doing injustice to the Kashmir issue. There is no government or political support for the helpless Kashmiris. The media is just highlighting the issue which raises questions about authorities and whether they want to resolve it or not.

Delhi is presenting itself as a non-protective state to the world but no one is taking the first step to immobilise this brutality. Modi, the Indian PM, has presented himself as the Hitler of the 21st century. The ‘Paradise Valley’ has been transformed into the ‘Valley of Embers’, due to prevalent brutality and religious conflict. IOK is now known as the ‘biggest jail’ for Muslims where bloodshed and torture is common.

In India, the blood of a Muslim is not valued and people are losing their lives on account of violent attitudes. A tragic chapter of history has been written by the Indian government while world organisations and NGOs are quiet. India, due to its cruel attitude, has been recognised as the most unsafe place for Muslims, especially for women. It has almost been a century of oppression, rape, murder, brutality, kidnapping and violence. The whole world is not taking this issue seriously while Kashmiris offer their lives not regularly but hourly. Pakistan has moved on from terrorism to tourism while IOK has lost its aesthetic beauty from morning to mourning.

The Pakistani government has raised this issue on an international level and has highlighted the savage and brutal attitude of the Indian government in the peaceful Muslim territory. But the questions that arise are: why is this issue still pending? Why are world organisations turning a deaf ear towards this serious matter? Do they really want peace or to push the world on the verge of a nuclear war? The inhuman actions of Modi have crushed Muslims but is there no leader who can help them? This BJP government has promoted more violence and has opened the worst, darkest and cruellest chapter of human history since 2002.

IOK is bleeding and it demands freedom while India is continuously leading the continent towards destruction. Quaid-e-Azam knew the real Indian mindset and predicted that ‘Muslims who are opposing Pakistan will spend the rest of their lives proving their loyalty to India.’ Kashmiri Muslims are still looking for a saviour but no one is brave enough to help them escape Indian savagery. Their blood is not cheap nor is it for sale. In the occupied territory of Kashmir, Muslims have been facing the merciless attitude for the last 72 years and still the Kashmir issue has not been resolved. The riot between India and Pakistan has been costing the lives of innocent people who only demand independence and peace.

Every morning brings new pain and heart-wrenching stories but Kashmiris continue to resist. This curfew exposed the real face of India to the world but their silence is quite ridiculous. The tranquillity of the United Nations and the silence of the whole world on the Kashmir issue is quite ironic. Kashmiri people need and demand action instead of any article, feature film or debate as they continue to fight two viruses, corona and India, together.

The current circumstances of India, Pakistan and Kashmir have forced us to appreciate the efforts of our leader Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who worked hard, day and night, for our independence. The present leaders and following generations are unable to demand a homeland for Kashmiri Muslims. The plight of Muslims in India and Indian Occupied Kashmir is a reply to those who opposed the Two Nation Theory.