KARACHI - Despite dearth of police force to combat any untoward situation and to stop the increasing rate of crimes, at least 555 police personnel have been deployed for the security and protocol of ministers, advisors and politicians in Sindh. About 496 police are performing their duty with 46 provincial ministers of Sindh Cabinet. The details of Sindh police deployment with the ministers and politicians were presented in Sindh Assembly during question-hour on Friday. MQM member Muhammad Hanif Sheikh in his written question sought the detail of staff of Police Department deputed on VIP duties in the province. Home Minister of Sindh Dr Zulfiqar Ali Mirza informed the legislators that at least 555 police personnel had been deputed with ministers and politicians in the province. According to details, 40 police personnel are deputed with Sindh Home Minster Dr Zulfiqar Ali Mirza, which is the highest number of cops deployment with any minister. Similarly, at least 30 police personnel are deployed on VIP duty of Muhammad Adil Siddiqui, minister for public health and engineering, 18 cops are serving Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq, 17 are performing duty with Dr Muhammad Ali Shah, minister for sports, 15 for minister for law, 15 for Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, Speaker Sindh Assembly, and 14 cops are serving as VIP duty of Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza. Sixteen police personnel have been deputed on VIP duty for Agha Siraj Durrani, minister for local government, 11 police each for Jalil Memon, minister for cooperation department, Abdul Haseeb, Manzoor Hussain Wasan, M Raza Haroon, Shazia Marri and Sajid Hussain Jokhio. However, Dr Mirza said that more than 5 cops were working for each minister of Sindh. Meanwhile, a huge number of 61 police personnel deployed on the security of 16 advisors and special assistants of the government. According to Home Minister, at least 210 police personnel are serving as VIP duty of 54 politicians, MNAs, MPAs, Opposition leader in Sindh Assembly and former parliamentarians elected from Sindh. However, 46 cops are serving for the security of Bilawal House, Clifton, while 6 police personnel deputed for security of Zardari House in Karachi. According to written reply, 88 police personnel are performing VIP duty with 15 federal ministers, senators and chairman Senate, residing in Karachi. Meanwhile, Marvi Rashdi and other members from opposition benches questioned the higher number of police personnel deployed on VIP duty of ministers. They said that the province was already facing the shortage of force and what was the justification behind the deployment of hundreds of policemen with ministers, advisers and politicians. Dr Mirza clarified that as Home Minister he has a status to keep over 30 police on VIP duty. He further said that these 40 police personnel do their duty in three shifts, as one shift comprises of 10 cops. Due to present situation of law and order and terrorism in the country, the number of police was enhanced for the security of VIPs, while all the police will be called back from VIPs once the situation becomes normalised, he added. However, Minister for Food Mir Nadir Khan Magsi and Minister for Agriculture Ali Nawaz Shah contradicted the number of police deployed for their duty and said that they should not need to keep any police guard for security as Allah will protect them.