ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in collaboration with Federal investigation Agency (FIA) officials has busted five illegal international gateway exchanges in residential areas of Islamabad and Karachi in the last few weeks. This initiative is a part of the pursuance of its efforts against illegal telecom traffic. PTA detected illegal set-ups through the technical facility installed to monitor the illegal business of telecom throughout the country. Upon investigation and confirmation, PTA Zonal Offices and FIA conducted successful raids at Karachi and Islamabad wherein they seized operational international exchanges. Chairman PTA Dr Mohammed Yaseen informed that those five illegal operations of grey traffic were causing $1.7 million per month loss to the national exchequer. He further informed that PTA as a regulator was vigilant and would take all measures to stop this unlawful activity. He also warned all those involved in grey telecom traffic to stop such unlawful activities, otherwise strict action would be initiated against them as per the law.