There is a lot of discrimination going on in the Pharmacy Department of the GC University Faisalabad in the recruitment of different posts. The criteria set by the present director is quite in conflict with the one set by the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan (PCP) that issues charter for the subject of Pharmacy in all universities of Pakistan. The HEC and PCP criteria are misinterpreted. The VC is being misguided. Even the selection board constituted for the interviews mostly had persons to whom the director could dictate. There was no transparency in the selection made in the past. The PCP has approved the degrees of Pharmacy but she did not let them issue the letter so that she could keep on extending her stay. We request the Governor, who is also the Chancellor of the university, to replace her with a qualified academician and true researcher who could fulfill the criteria of PCP and HEC for the post of a full Professor who can be posted permanently here. -AMJAD FEROZE, Faisalabad, June 1.