Overland transit for Indian goods can only be offered as a quid pro quo for a plebiscite in Kashmir. Hamid Karzai, it seems, is out in the open as a full-blown agent of India. Another Indian agent that has come out of the closet is Pakistan's ambassador to US, Hussain Haqqani. They have been quite clever in working separately on the transit concession for India during Zardari's visit to America. Haqqani is said to have held secret meetings with US officials on this subject; including one with America's regional Czar, Richard Holbrooke, in Dubai. Just because India repeats Ad nauseam that Kashmir is an integral part of India does not make it so. The Pakistan government has to wake up and demand a plebiscite, and not just any 'solution'. India has taken the agenda away from the plebiscite that Pakistan has been demanding. Pakistan should bring the focus back to a UN mandated plebiscite. India's saber rattling will continue anyway. We should pay no attention to it. -DR SUMAERA RANA, Lahore, June 2.