With this new imposition of a 0.20 paisas tax rate on each SMS, one can only wonder how the tariff packages will be affected? Will we no longer have fixed prices? You don't need to be an expert economist to know why this decision has been made; the government wants its share from revenues the telecoms are making. The telecoms raised some hue and cry last year due to the withholding tax rates increase but nothing really happened. So it was us customers who had to bear the brunt of it. This year, the government is directly targeting our consumption. What is the poor customer to do when he is being robbed like that? The government needs to realize is that an average customer like myself will surely not continue to write SMS messages on the same rate that we do at present. With the SMS activity abating in the young as a consequence, millions expected in tax revenues from the new tax will not materialize. The telecom companies should take a stand because this will affect them as well. I hope the government realizes its mistake soon. -AZMEH AHMED, Karachi, via e-mail, June 16.