This is with reference to the speech made by Zardari on the eve of martyrdom of Maulana Sarfaraz Naeemi. I am disappointed by his speech, as it did not contain anything to motivate people or improve their morale. Mr Zardari could have highlighted the successes achieved by the Army or at least announced an offensive against Baitullah Mehsud in Waziristan in retaliation for killing Maulana Naeemi. Musharraf, if you remember, had this uncanny ability to motivate people in even the most adverse circumstances. I think Zardari severely lack that ability. I still cannot forget the speech Musharraf had made in 2001-02 when India had put more than a million troops on our borders, threatening us with a full-fledged war. The US, indeed the whole world, was siding with India. Musharraf addressed the nation in which he also told India in very clear terms to 'lay-off'. He then went ahead and tested five missiles in a very short time. The speech was so motivating for the nation that the whole nation stood united behind him. I want Zardari to act like this but unfortunately he lacks this capability. I guess, only a military general has such guts. -AMIN SHEERAZI, Abbotabbad, via e-mail, June 13.