During my drive to work in the morning, I saw at the Model Town junction two motorists today who were in their four-wheel-drive SUVs with blackened windows. They were cause of the blockade of traffic headed towards Kot Lakhpat. They were trying to edge into the queue at the intersection, making their way to the U-turn towards Kalima Chowk. It was so frustrating to watch these drivers force their way into the traffic stream wherein other motorists were patiently lined up, waiting their turn. I watch countless people doing this daily and find it arrogant and selfish of the people who think it is acceptable to do so. Why is their time any more important than mine? We all have to get somewhere. These people endanger lives of their own and of us all and certainly do nothing to relieve the pressure on traffic as all the rest of us just get pushed back further in the queue. This behaviour not only sets a precedent for other unruly drivers to emulate but also discourages and demoralises law-abiding drivers. Can the authorities please impose heavy fines on the spot on these reckless drivers who cannot respect the traffic regulations? Unfortunately, bigger the vehicle, more arrogant the attitude in breaking the law. Even the traffic sergeants know checking these violators means inviting trouble. -BEDARBAKHT ISPHAHANI, Lahore, June 19