LAHORE Public at large seems to have short memory when it is casting votes, but certainly Punjab Assembly members do not have a snappy one, and if one of them becomes a turncoat infamously Lota and goes against his previous leaders while saluting the present ones, then he should be ready for an onslaught which will make him go mum. This is what happened to a former 'Quisling and present 'N-for-neat MPA Malik Muhammad Waris Kalo, who since Thursday the last had been lauding incumbent Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif for being a great administrator while blasting the previous regime an important part of that himself then for indulging in corruption and leaving projects incomplete, 'which are being completed by Shahbaz Sharif now. Kalo, not a very popular figure among the Oppositions females for even innocuous remarks, was shown mirror by blunt and sharp-worded Samina Khawar Hayyat, who brought evidence in the form of written record of the Assembly proceedings of June 19 2003, when Kalo was found heaping lavish praises on ex-military ruler General (r) Pervez Musharraf. October 12, 1999 was fortunate incident for this country, which was on the verge of collapse. I laud Musharraf for saving Pakistan from economic disintegration, and putting it back on the track of prosperity, read Samina in the House, adding that Kalo saluted Ch Pervaiz Elahi in the same way as he did for present CM. She also accused Kalo of being thankless to the Chaudharys since he did quite of a jugglery to procure development funds from Elahi. She went further by quoting Kalo having accused the Sharifs implicitly, but clearly as well when Kalo raised questions in his 2003 speech. Who attacked the Supreme Court? Who killed the Prime Ministers brother (Murtaza Bhutto)? Who conspired against Mohammed Khan Junejo? Who misused the Central Board of Revenue? she further quoted, The record of Punjab from 1985 to 1999 will document who appointed incapacitated graduates sans actualising merit. Kalo could only launch futile protest against Samina, who kept on speaking, while the Chair denying Kalo the floor, who had the guts of disowning his loyalty to Musharraf despite written record. However, Kalo was allowed to speak when straight-talking lady had finished her speech. I won 2002 election as an independent candidate, and joined Chaudharys after an assurance that they will restore democracy, he maintained, while asserting that it was his political mistake, and he was not politically mature at that time. However, Kalo did not acknowledge Oppositions Muhammad Mohsin Khan Legharis offier for bringing a Privilege Motion against Qs clamouring. Silence prevailed for Kalo till the House was adjourned for Sunday (today) 10am.