The head of the National Book Foundation, Mr Mazhar-ul-Islam, is reported to have said that the NBF is on a mission to inculcate a reading habit among people. He said a unique idea of having a book club at railway stations would be introduced and eminent writers and intellectuals, he called them ambassadors of NBF, would be put on trains to introduce people to books. My question to the NBF head is that why another very beneficial scheme called The Readers Club, whereby readers were provided with books at a 50% discount, has not been renewed since last year? There had been a lot of recognition and appreciation of this convenient scheme in public so one fails to understand why it has been stopped? There are some pertinent questions being asked about these 'ambassadors of NBF' and what they would be paid for their journeys and how would they help in forming a reading habit in the fellow travelers in a single stretch of a journey to somewhere? This surely seems like a plan for rewarding favourites among the writers and intellectuals? -MUHAMMAD WASEEM ELAHI, Islamabad, June 17