It is nice to know that Pakistan has made some effort to stop/curtail the ever-growing drone strikes in Pakistan and as a first step, it is blocking food and water from reaching a remote base used by the US for its secret drones programme. Since they are on our soil, a better and more courageous move would have been to tell them outright to pack up and leave. Such half-measures will obviously not deter the Americans because they are likely to move over to Afghanistan and carry out drone strikes from there. In that case, stopping NATO supplies passing through Pakistan should be the next step plus shooting down a few drones. I remember perhaps a senator had suggested that he can easily jam the drones and that should also be tried, and if works, it will solve the problem. Also, Iran makes armed drones and I am sure Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinjad will give us a few which we could operate ourselves to hit high-value targets. After the death of 5,000 thousand soldiers, over 35,000 civilians and more than $ 60 billion worth of economic losses, if the Americans still question our sincerity, it is obvious they will never be satisfied. In any case, their agenda is to destabilize and defang nuclear Pakistan and to dismember it by creating an independent Balochistan and a greater Pashtonistan by merging our tribal areas with Afghanistan and controlling these mineral-rich territories from Afghanistan where they are planning a long-term stay for which they have already built huge underground air bases. I hope our authorities muster enough courage to take drastic measures to deal with this desperate situation, instead of taking half-measures which will not solve the problem. New York Times of June 15 published an article by Jane Perlez, titled Pakistans Chief of Army Fights to Keep His Job. It is quite shameful that even in the face of constant accusations, threats and humiliation, we are not prepared to accept and treat Americans for what they are. S.R.H. HASHMI, Karachi, June 17.