In advanced societies of the world, it is the education, health and judiciary that receive the major chunk of the overall budget. It is so because the governments of such societies know it very well that their countries would remain stable and strong only when they would impart due attention to the aspects of human development. In Pakistan, unfortunately, successive governments have paid lip-service to the cause of development of sectors like education, health and judiciary by allocating just peanuts for the same. How can a society develop and prosper whose citizens remain illiterate, physically ill and deprived of speedy and cheap justice? If we really want that our society flourishes and achieves some sort of sustainability in the comity of nations, then we must sincerely and seriously allocate sufficient funds both in our federal and provincial budgets for the development of education, health and judicial sectors of our country. Only then we would be able to achieve the status of a healthy and strong society. I firmly believe that our real defence lies in giving due importance to the fields of education, health and judiciary and not in purchasing more and more ammunition of worth billions of rupees at the cost of making our nation illiterate, physically sick and justice-deprived with every passing year. ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, June 18.