It is a great pity that 300,000 Pakistanis continue to languish in 70 camps in 25 Bangladeshi cities under sub-human conditions. They are undergoing this torture for well over 40 years only because they opted for Pakistani, rather than Bangladeshi, nationality for the sheer love for their motherland. The most callous part of this tale is that Islamabad is doing nothing for their return to Pakistan. Successive governments, with the exception of Nawaz Sharifs first tenure, have remained impervious to this humanitarian tragedy. It was Prime Minister Nawaz who brought 325 families from Bangladesh and settled them in Lahore, Mian Chunnu and Okarra, but soon after the end of his rule, the process also ended. It is strange that at one point we hosted over four million Afghan refugees as our guests, the majority of which is still staying here costing us heavily after the US turned its back on the region. On the other hand, those who refused to accept forced Bangladeshi citizenship and preferred to stay Pakistanis are being neglected. A delegation of these stranded Pakistanis visited the offices of Nawa-e-Waqt group and apprised its Editor-in-Chief of the pitiable conditions of their camps and the indifferent attitude of the Pakistan government. Thanking the Nawa-i-Waqt group for being the sole media supporter of their cause, the delegations leadr appealed to Mian Nawaz Sharif to resume his efforts for their return so that they could live in peace and harmony in their own country for which they had waited for so long. He proposed setting up a fund for the welfare and respectable return of those who kept the Pakistani flag flying all these years against heavy odds. It may be recalled that Saudi Arabia at one time was willing to extend financial support to facilitate their return to Pakistan. But this process also came to a halt because Pakistan refused to issue them passports. Believing in the proverbial saying that it is better late than never, we call upon the federal government to initiate action for their return to Pakistan as early as possible.