The cartoon drawn by Maxim in your issue of 15 June, was very informative and revealing. Itgave a message to the nationwhat our leaders preach and what they practice saying "Austerity of the representativeof 18 crore poor people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan". The cartoondepictedour well dressedand very obvious leader whowears all items of his dress from very renowned designers. At least, I was educatedabout the designers names producing these items. The Designers names like Zigna, Brookes, Hermes, Patek Philipe, Jaeger Lecoulte, Monte Blank, Surruti, Todd, Dolce, Bvlgari, Gabana etc were all new to me. Itried to compare my wardrobewith the one given and felt great that all items of my dresses are made in Pakistan to carry the slogan of "Buy Pakistani and Be Pakistani".I wear suits which are locally stitchedand buy shoes from Bata or Serviceindustry. I wonder whyour leaders who claim to be Pakistanis and people representatives dont wearPakistani products? I mustappreciate their guts to wear such expansive items in a country where more than half of the population is struggling to make their two ends meet.Some mole in the palaces of our leadersmust tell the nation as to who is paying for their wardrobes? The austerity drive must start from the top.We have an example of Iranian President who has very simple living, dresses very simply and lives in a small house. Our leaders should learn from himas he can afford to live lavishlybeing head of an oil rich country and his country is not debt ridden. MUHAMMADAZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, June 17.