KARACHI - Mohajir Sooba Tehreek Pakistan President Zahid Hussain on Tuesday claimed that the anti-Pakistan elements have geared-up their conspiracies against Pakistan, saying that the separatist forces of Balochistan and Sindh are openly demanding foreign support.He regretted that the national security institutions were remained silent spectator on this critical situation and the conspiracies against Pakistan and claimed that only Mohajir community was the major hurdle in conspiracies of these anti-Pakistan elements.He added that these forces were involved in the killing of Mohajir community in Karachi and Interior Sindh to eliminate them to succeed in the anti-Pakistan conspiracies. Zahid Hussain pointed out that the brutal serial killing of Mohajir people in Karachi was a grave conspiracy against the country. He criticised the silence of government, national institutions, human rights organisations and Mohajir organisations on the killing of Mohajir people.He urged that Mohajir community of the country will contact the international organisations to stop the killings and hardships against the community, saying that government and law enforcement agencies had not interested to protect the Mohajir people in the province.Meanwhile, central spokesman of Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen Allama Hassan Zafar Naqvi on Tuesday said that murder of a great Shia Islamic scholar Maulana Ghulam Mohammad Ameeni in Karachi, after targeted killings of many Shia Muslims, proved that government had failed in maintenance of law and order. “If the government cannot secure the lives and properties of people, the PPP-led government should resign forthwith,” he said in his reaction to targeted murder of Maulana Ameeni.He said that Maulana Ameeni was a great scholar and his murder was an irreparable loss to the peace-loving people.“Genocide of Shia Muslims and targeted killings of other innocent people are being done under a deep-rooted conspiracy aimed at destabilising Pakistan,” he said.The MWM leader demanded the government to ensure immediate arrest of the killers of Maulana Ameeni, saying that recent killing of the clerics and notables of the community was a conspiracy to destabilise the country. He alleged that American and Israeli agents were involved in the recent incidents of the killing of Shia Muslims in Pakistan to fulfill their vested agenda.Meanwhile, the funeral prayer of Maulana Ameeni was offered at Shah-e-Karbala Mosque, Rizvia Society, Nazimabad which was attended by thousands of mourners. He was buried at Wadi-e-Hussain graveyard. A large number of police and Rangers were deployed to avoid any untoward situation.