ISLAMABAD - In a bid to get a sigh of urgent relief from soaring energy crisis, 1,720MW of electric power can immediately be generated through utilising 344 mmcfd of gas in power stations being used by captive powers in the country.All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) Central Chairman Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha has said this in a statement while giving suggestions to Prime Minister’s Energy Committee. He said that the generators in factories, CNG stations, petrol pumps, high-rise buildings, commercial plazas and big houses are consuming much gas which can produced 2,000MW electricity.He said industry is getting enough gas for processing, so gas loadshedding should be equalised to CNG. He said government should impose complete ban on the use of gas generators and APCNGA will fully support the government in this regard.  Ghiyas Paracha further claimed that APCNGA has already handed over energy plan to government, to get rid from worsening energy crisis as this plan is capable to solve crisis in few months time. “Some people in government are defying facts to target CNG sector”, Ghiyas Paracha said, adding, that the closure of CNG will lead to new crisis as the government does not have enough foreign reserves even not enough system to provide petrol to millions of vehicles.