LAHORE – Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has made a solemn appeal to the people protesting the worst loadshedding to beware of the black sheep that are making way into their ranks to give another colour to their protests by resorting to violence and ransacking.

He said the government has decided that such elements would be dealt with an iron hand as are causing loss of human lives and damage to property during protest demonstrations against the corrupt federal government. Talking to the media, the chief minister said that no one can deny right of the people to raise voice against corruption, price hike and the torturous loadshedding which has resulted in the loss of their means of livelihood due to which they are unable even to feed their children or pay for the treatment of their ailing parents.  He said that people have no option except to come out on the streets in this sizzling heat to express their resentment against the cruel rulers. He said that by setting up tent office in the extremely hot weather at Minar-e-Pakistan, he has given message to the people that Khadim-e-Punjab cannot leave them alone in the worst loadshedding.

However, he said, no attempt to damage private or public property whether it belongs to federal or provincial government will be tolerated.  Similarly, he said, any violent action against human lives will be dealt with sternly. He said he appeals to the people by visiting every nook and corner of the province to remain peaceful during protest demonstrations and he is again urging them to refrain from violence and vandalism against the agonising loadshedding.