LAKKI MARWAT - The lawyers fraternity of the district boycotted courts on Tuesday as a mark of protest against the alleged torture of their colleague and ANP Lakki District President Advocate Sardruddin by police in Peshawar.The announcement to boycott court proceedings was announced by District Bar President Advocate Naimatullah Khan Khoidadkhel in a meeting held on the premises of judicial complex Tajazai. Office bearers of the association and lawyers attended the meeting.They said that torture of Advocate Sadruddin in the presence of his wife MPA Yasmeen Zia and children clearly indicated that the custodians of law had no respect for peaceful and innocent citizens.“What will be the plight of a layman at the hands of policemen when people like Sadruddin and lawmakers are treated inhumanly by police”, they questioned and demanded of the government to punish the police officials involved in torturing the ANP leader.They also expressed their sympathies and solidarity with the ANP president and his family and called upon the government to impart lessons and training to the police force in good manners to help improve their relationship with public.Meanwhile, Malgari Ustazan, a teacher body affiliated with the ruling Awami National Party held a meeting in district headquarters complex Tajazai on Tuesday with general secretary Jamil Ahmad Khan in the chair. The meeting asked the government to stop police force from manhandling and torturing innocent people. It said that the torturing of ANP Lakki president was a condemnable act and the policemen responsible for it should be taken to task after conducting thorough inquiry into the incident.The district chapter of Awami National Party also held a meeting in its district office in Naurang town to discuss the torture incident. ANP Information Secretary Daulat Khan told the media that the incident had sparked a wave of anger among workers as the law did not permit law enforcers to manhandle people and respectable political leaders.“There is the dire need to conduct courses for policemen on how to engage with public face to face in police stations and on field duty”, he maintained. He said that government should take notice of the matter as any delay in this regard could cause unrest among party workers.