KARACHI - Speakers at the Sindh Unity Conference on Social and Political Situation of Sindh, held at Karachi Press Club on Tuesday, underlined the need for a continuous dialogue among various factions living in the province. They asked to protect the political rights of Sindhi people in the province due to threat of conversion of Sindhis into minority amid increasing migration from other parts and other countries in the province particularly in Karachi. Intellectuals, human rights and women rights activists, lawyers, writers, journalists, trade union and student leaders and activists of civil society organisations unanimously demanded the state to play its role and protect the lives of its citizens. The participants expressed concern over growing lawlessness in Sindh and increasing poverty. The conference was organised by Sindh Civil Society Forum in collaboration with Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research and Strengthening Participatory Organiation. “We are very concerned about continued wave of target killings in Karachi and demand the state, political parties and other stakeholders to play their role and bring all these inhuman actions to an end,” a resolution passed at the end of the conference stated. The resolution condemned the demands and attempt to divide Sindh and resolved to work for unity, harmony and peace in the city. “We strongly condemn the attack on peaceful participants of “Mohabat-e-Sindh rally” of May 22 and demand the government to apprehend and punish the culprits,” the resolution stated. Senior lawyer of Supreme Court Justice (r) Rashid A Rizvi, executive director of Piler, Karamat Ali, Prof Tausif Ahmed of Federal Urdu University, Shamsuddin of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, trade union leader Noor Muhammad, Mahnaz Rahman of Aurat Foundation, senior journalists Manzoor Solangi and Khurshid Abbasi, Dr Samrina Hashmi of Pakistan Medical Association (Sindh), trade union leader Riaz Lund, Dr Riaz Ahmed Shaikh of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST), senior political leader Yousuf Mustikhan, Asghar Soomro, Dr Ayoub Shaikh, Ali Ahmed Rind, Shireen Aijaz, Waqas Jaffar, Ishak Soomro and others spoke on the occasion. They expressed concern over increasing law and order situation in Sindh, where innocent people are killed on the basis of tribal, linguistic, sectarian difference and they face worsening laws and order situation as kidnapping for ransom, killings in the name of hour. Karamat Ali of Piler said, “If people migrate to another country, they have to go through a process of naturalization and wait for a certain period to exercise the right to vote or contest in the elections. But this is not practiced in Sindh or Pakistan.” He suggested that the present number of seats in Sindh Assembly should be seized for the next 50 years to ensure political rights of Sindhis in the province. Rashid A Rizvi deplored that civil society is silent on the genuine issues of the people. He bemoaned that the civil society is not united on poor people’s problems. He said he is fighting the case of KESC and EOBI workers in the Supreme Court, but the civil society is not properly mobilised on workers’ issues.