A NEW football which captures the energy created when it is kicked and transforms it into electricity is set to help provide a power solution for developing countries.

Called the Soccket, the revolutionary ball builds up enough energy to power a light for three hours from just 30 minutes of play. The clever invention is made from materials found in developing countries and costs only slightly more than a normal high end ball to produce. Bill Clinton has described the concept, which was the brainchild of Harvard students Jessica Lin, Julia Silverman, Jessica Matthews, Hemali Thakkaras and Aviva Presser, as ‘extraordinary’. He added: ‘It’s an off-grid solution that gives us a way to bring power and improved quality of life, working capacity and learning capacity.’  The idea combines football, the world’s most popular sport, with the huge need for electricity in developing countries - a staggering one in five people around the globe are without power.

The ball, which has been trialled in South Africa, is waterproof, durable and doesn’t need to be inflated. It uses inductive coil technology which involves having a metal coil and magnetic slug that goes forwards and backwards. Ms Silverman and Ms Matthews have gone on to develop the mass-produced version of the ball through their own not-for-profit company Unchartered Play.                 –MOL