ISLAMABAD  - Residents are facing severe water shortage in all sectors especially the I-10/2 sector for the last few weeks as the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is unable to supply sufficient water for their requirements.

With the start of summer, the demand of water has risen manifold but the residents were provided not water supply for the last four days. 

Similarly, water tankers supply was also inefficient as a consumer hardly succeeds to get water supply through this service. “I lodged a complaint with the concerned department of the CDA for water supply but water tanker arrived at midnight and it could not reach my house because of a number of cars parked in the street which prevented its movement, Ejaz ul Haq, a resident of the I-10/2

sector informed.

As a result, the entire family had to shift to its relatives in Rawalpindi as they could not live in their house without water, he added. He pointed out that a large number of residents are now looking for other alternatives including digging out their own tube wells. Another resident said that long queues of people are seen at water purification plants get the water.

When contacted, an official of CDA blamed the unscheduled load shedding for the shortage of water. According to an official of water tanker service, it caters to more than 1000 complaints daily and is providing water to the residents.

The residents have demanded of the concerned authorities to take necessary arrangements to ensure smooth and uninterrupted water supply in the sector.