VEHARI - Many taxi stands are set up in district Vehari without having proper authorisation of concern authorities causing mess and inconvenience not only for passersby but also for passengers.

As per details, there are more than 300 taxi cars in Vehari city doing transportation business. Four main stands have been approved along Multan Road in dense area of city where there is no proper system for passenger entry which causes causalities, robberies and other issues. At General Bus Stand there are is one illegal taxi stand along with three bus stands. From TMA Ground and Railway Phatak taxi stands, Manager Zafar Butt charges money from every cab with the benign help of authorities. As this stand is on the main place of bus stand, it causes frequent accidents while the other bus stands pay a considerable amount of Rs 3,000 to administration on daily basis for protection.

In front of DPO office, another illegal taxi stand exist. At Khanewal Chowk, illegal taxi stand has made road narrow and passengers’ life miserable.

 Giving the version, TMO Bangash has said that his office has warned taxi cab owners and bus companies to go at the proper places otherwise they would be fined. He vowed that if they do not go to proper place, concerned authorities are ready to do suitable steps against violators.

Choudhary Basher, taxi car union leader, has said that taxi drivers pay monthly share to officials so no one can remove taxi stand from its place. It was observed that some places of illegal stands are owned by TMA, and Highways, and these are costly. On these places no one can run illegal stands without the cooperation of administration. Social and civil communities have strongly condemned the setting up of taxi stands and demanded the govt to take strict action against violators.