The desperate situation of power outages in the hot summer has brought unruly people on road creating a serious situation of mobs attacking residents of former Federal Ministers. Punjab PPP leader Raja Riaz says that the government is producing power at Rs 20 per unit and paying Rs 10 subsidy per unit. What steps the government has taken to build KBD post haste to produce energy at Rs 1.25 per unit? KBD could work as fire extinguisher if PPP government announces to build it and steal the show against its adversaries but the unconcerned party led by such leaders as Raja Riaz who keep on blaming former governments of stopping Rental Power units operated by another Raja Rental who has been held responsible for corruption in RPP’s by the Supreme Court. The rulers have no cue for solving the acute power shortage except KBD which is kept on backburner against vital interests of Pakistan. PPP and ANP are guilty of criminal neglect in not solving the twin problems of water and power shortage at the earliest and merely tinkering with the issue by building mini dams that would not take us anywhere. The solution is KBD post haste if the rulers are listening.


Lahore, June 19.