LAHORE (MIAN DAWOOD) - President Asif Ali Zardari should announce fresh general elections to avoid future tussle with other political parties, the bar councils and associations suggested after Supreme Court disqualified Yousuf Raza Gilani from the office of Prime Minister.

Giving reaction over the apex court’s decision, Supreme Court Bar Association Secretary Muhammad Aslam Zar said that Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) should avoid any further confrontation with the judiciary and other political parties on the disqualification issue. He advised that the President should announce general elections as it was a right time now. Terming the Gilani’s disqualification as another magnificence decision, he said the Supreme Court’s verdict was according to norms of the Constitution. If PPP or President Zardari would retaliate against the judiciary after Gilani’s disqualification, the SCBA would stand with judiciary, Aslam Zar vowed.

Lahore High Court Bar Association Secretary Akbar Ali Dogar also endorsed the SCBA suggestion of early general elections. Dogar said the apex court’s decision against Gilani had set another historic precedent. “The decision means that the rule of law now exists in Pakistan and it is a real change,” the secretary LHCBA said. “Early general elections are the demand of people of Pakistan, and the lawyers are also from the public,” Dogar said.

“It is historical decision by the superior judiciary against a politician who along with his family was facing massive corruption charges,” he added.

Punjab Bar Council Vice Chairman Ghulam Abbas Nisoana said the apex court disqualified Gilani as prime minister according to the Constitution. He was of the opinion that the PPP’s reservations on the disqualification were useless.

“The poor masses who are suffering from massive price-hike and sever electricity load-shedding are also welcoming PM disqualification,” Nisoana said, urging President Zardari to respect the demand of public and announce general elections immediately.

However, Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) Vice Chairman Akhtar Hussain said that without delay the PPP should nominate new cabinet and prime minister required for the appointment of a permanent Election Commissioner of Pakistan.

“How can you hold general elections in absence of a permanent election commissioner who can only be appointed on the advice of prime minister,” Hussain pointed out.

After the completion of process of the appointment of permanent election commissioner, the President should order a caretaker set-up and announce general elections. He also praised the apex court’s decision.