KARACHI - Discontentment and dissension in the ranks of ruling PPP came to the fore on the floor of Sindh on Tuesday when Sardar Ali Ahmed Khan Pitafi complained that for the last four years his constituency was totally ignored. No development projects were carriedout there and even in current 5th and last provincial budget, his constituency has again been ignored on all count.In his 30-minute speech delivered during general discussion on current budget, the lividMPA from PS-7 Mirpur Mathelo said that his constituency, which housed a number of multi-national companies such Engro Fertilizer and gas fields contribute Rs18 billion on account of GST but was deprived of all basic facilities, including health and education. There is no building for high school and more than 4,500 students were being taught under the open skies.    What a pity that Guddu Barrage was located near his constituency but people of his area facing were shortage of water, lamented Ahmed Ali Pitafi, who claimed to have been awarded Sitra-e-Jurrat for gallantry in war.He said despite clear directions the planning and development department had refused to implement approved development schemes and said it seems that the department was not under the chief minister and was brazenly ignoring official decisions taken by the chief executive of the province. Pitafi was so upset and so angry while an recording his complaint against his own government that in a fit of rage he asked that the chief minister should make an open statement that he would not give anything to his constituents.He said that he felt ashamed and let down that he could not do anything for his constituency and his voters, who had brought him into the assembly.When development packages were being announced for other districts of the province then he asked why the same could not be announced for his district.Pitafi said that people of other districts had occupied the forest land in his district, burnt homes and hearth of the people who had sacrificed for PPP and placed them but no action was taken by the authorities in the matter. Commenting on the law and order situation, he said that despite the fact his party came into power, the killers of his son were roaming freely and nobody was ready to help him or arrest the killers. Arrests were made in case of a goat theft but no one was arrested in the murder case of his son, deplored Sardar Pitafi.A number of lawmakers, while participating in discussion on budget, said that budget on health and education is generally misused, misappropriated or mis-spent. Schools are being constructed but there is no teaching staff in them and most of the hospitals have severe shortage of doctors, paramedical staff and medicines though there is a budget for every thing.NPP legislator Masroor Jatoi, speaking on the budget, drew attention towards corruption in the development budget and said that government should take steps for stopping the corruption. He said that schools were being opened in villages and towns but they were lacking sufficient number of teaching staff. He suggested that integrated school complex should be opened so that at one place and under one roof education is imparted from primary to college level.He said that water resources were depleting so need of the hour is that drip system should be introduced.Sindh Zakat Minister Sajid Jokhio said that budget allocated for health and education should be utilized in a transparent manner. He said that vegetable farmers of Malir whose bread and butters had been taken away because of use of contaminated industrial water, should be provided with clean water so that they can carry on their business and look after themselves and their families and at the same time provide cheap vegetables to the city.MQM member Naheed Begum, Sindh ministers Nadeem Bhutto and Rauf Siddiqui and PPP member Ghulam Qadir Chandio expressed their views on budget. The House which was set in motion by Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza at 10.50am carried question-hour of works and services department and after completion of business adjourned till Wednesday (today) morning.