LAHORE – A dream of Multan’s peer to become the longest serving premier of Pakistan could not come true on Tuesday when the Supreme Court disqualified him for five years under Article 63(1)(g) on contempt of court charges.

Yousuf Raza Gilani, who had entered the politics in 1978 during the most hated military-rule of Ziaul Haq, has been claiming that he would complete his term and become the longest serving prime minister of the country. But, the apex court disqualified him with effect from April 26 – the day that ended his premiership of four years one month and one day only. Gilani, who became country’s 17th prime minister when Pakistan People’s Party swept to power in the post-Musharraf era, remained the premier from March 25 2008 to April 26, 2012.

So Liaquat Ali Khan, country’s first prime minister, still stands tall among all the premiers the country has had so far. Liaquat Ali had discharged his responsibilities as prime minister for four years two months and two days; 31 days more than Mr Gilani. Mr Khan served the country as prime minister from Aug 14, 1947 to Oct 16, 1951.

Born in 1952 in Karachi in a family of landlord-cum-peers, Gilani studied journalism and initially associated with the then Pakistan Muslim League (PML).

He was first elected to the parliament in the non-party elections of 1985, and was appointed as minister for housing and works. However, political differences with the PML leadership forced the peer to sit in the dock of PPP. After becoming a Benazir loyalist, he was elected thrice as MNA on a PPP ticket and served as a federal minister and speaker of National Assembly.