TOKYO - A powerful typhoon bringing heavy rain and strong winds cut across Japan's main island of Honshu Tuesday, the weather agency said, injuring some 20 people and causing major traffic delays. More than 150,000 people in central, eastern and northeastern Japan were issued with evacuation orders, Kyodo News said, with warnings of dangerous landslides from the heavy rain. "It is dangerous to be outside in such weather so we advise people to go home and avoid going out until things have calmed down, which is forecast on Wednesday," the Japan Meteorological Agency said. The typhoon reached the south of Honshu by late afternoon, the agency said.

It was moving northeast, crossing the north of Tokyo where winds of over 125 kilometres (78 miles) per hour were recorded.

Kyodo News reported 24 people had been injured in ten different prefectures.

Airlines have cancelled 452 domestic and international flights so far, affecting 35,000 passengers, while travel on regional and high-speed trains has been hit with delays and cancellations, and some roads have also been closed.

The typhoon, named Guchol - meaning "turmeric" in a Micronesian language, - was projected to go out into the Pacific again Wednesday morning.

A fifth typhoon, named Talim, is following a different path in the South China Sea but is also expected to reach the Japanese archipelago on Friday.