SADIQABAD - The PTI held a protest rally against the detention of Dr Aafia, lawlessness, unemployment and loadshedding besides other crises being faced by the country, in Sadiqabad.

Addressing hundreds of protesters, speakers said that the youth of the nation had rolled up their sleeves under the leadership of Imran Khan to save the country.

They said that the release of Dr Aafia was their party’s purpose. They added that their party would fight the crises by coming to power. The speakers included Ismaeel Shah, Syed Ashfaq, Dr Faisal and others. 

The rally which started from the Overhead Bridge culminated at the Pakistan Chowk after passing through all the main city roads. Addressing the participants at the Chawk, Shah termed the Pakistani doctor’s detention in the US jail an open challenge to the nation. He added that a US citizen had committed murders in Lahore and then was released but the innocent woman was sentenced to over 80 years of imprisonment.

He said the PTI workers would not take a rest until Aafia’ was released.

On the occasion, the other speakers said that the present government had pushed the country into lawlessenss. They also criticised everyday drone attacks by the US and terrorist attacks in Pakistan, terming them a challange to national integration.

M M Arshad said and Abdullah that their party’s slogan was to provide justice to common man. Through the Benezir Income Support Programme, the PPP had made the whole nation beggar while the PML-N was trying to purchase votes of the youth by distributing laptops. However, they said, the PTI would get a landslide in the forthcoming general elections.  The common man has no access to the edibles and everyone’s live is at stake, they added.