VEHARI - The district, comprising of a population of about 3 million city and its four main roads have made interlinked the city with rest of country but its roads are in pathetic condition which have made the life of local dwellers miserable.

At the Khanewal Road, there is an 1122 emergency offices, petrol depot, taxi stands, stadium and cattle market.

 There are four flour mills and several filter water plants, Toyota workshop and as many as 322 villages on this road which turned it as a busiest main road but here is no proper arrangements’ of traffic and road is still single while rest of main roads are double track.

This road is badly neglected by authorities and still need their immediate attention. Because of petrol depot, hundreds of fuel tankers stand on the road throughout day time causing hurdles for ordinary traffic.

Density of this road results causalities and emergencies. Peoples living on this road demanded to DCO and DO Roads to take immediate steps to renovate and rebuild the road on emergency basis so that residents of this road could lead their life with ease.