Nowadays, it is very difficult to find a job – government or private – not only for fresh candidates but also for the experienced ones, because the word “merit” has been reduced to dictionaries.

To find a job in Pakistan is very difficult because nepotism is rife in most sectors of our society: officers in good positions select their relatives to fill the vacant posts in most government and some public sector departments. Nevertheless, due to unemployment, people continue applying for jobs with the hope that one day they would get it. They continue to appear in various written tests/interviews with the hope that this time they would get selected, but the employer or department rejects them, not thinking about the expenses their candidates had bear to apply for this post, including those on documents, photocopies, photographs, attested documents, envelops and courier charges. And if luckily the employer or department calls the candidates to another city for test/interview, then the candidate goes there for appearing in the test/interview, bearing additional expenses of travelling, food and accommodation. Most of the candidates who are needy and are trying to hunt for a job have to borrow from someone else to appear for this interview/test.

When someone tries to confirm from the employer whom they have selected, they reply that Ms/Mr. unknown – who did not even appear in the written test/interview – has been selected, who can be a relative of any of the department’s employees.

On the other hand, when a fresh candidate who applies for the suitable post, the employer or department does not shortlist him because candidate has no experience. My question is: if an employer or department will not give a chance to fresh candidates then how will the candidate gain experience?

Candidates are also applying through Sindh Public Services Commission (SPSC) to hunt for jobs because they think that this is a commission-based job which they can get if they work hard. However, when the job candidate submits fee through a standard Challan form of the SPSC and bankers mark receipt number in the Challan, it creates hurdles for the candidate.

It has also been observed that in most of the fee paid through National Bank of Pakistan, bankers put the receipt number like 1 and when someone applies for the job online, the website does not accept the number displaying it as invalid. This shows that bankers put the wrong or incomplete numbers on receipts, creating problems for candidates. In one instance, when a candidate entered receipt number 01 on the website, his application was denied, but when he entered 001, his application was accepted. Thus, putting incomplete numbers on receipts is creating issues for SPSC applicants. 

I would like to request higher authorities of private and government departments to select candidates on the basis of merit not on the basis of personal liking or disliking. If you are not willing to select deserving candidates, then do not bother inviting applicants for tests and interviews and waste their money. I also request the higher authority of Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC), to kindly train the bankers those who receive Challan forms and hand out receipts to put complete numbers on the receipts. The SPSC department should hand over the standard numerical format list in order to achieve this end, and save candidates from unneeded troubles.