The recent outburst of PPP Co-Chairman against army reminds one of old adage ‘Ulta chore kotwal ko daunte.’ The nation has not forgotten horrific glimpses of Mr. Zardari’s image of Mr. 10% and Mr. 90%. Mr. Zardari takes pride in being a jail bird for a decade but this is no certificate for piety. Jail for our political leaders is an air conditioned luxury, where all facilities of life are at their disposal. Mr. Zardari’s party has been ousted from all the provinces except Sindh so how come he talks of closing all cities from KP to Karachi? Perhaps he thinks he is a super hero, maybe his vanity has gone to his head that he talks of challenging Pakistan army, which is the custodian of Pakistan, while Zardari and his likes are only interested in mega scams and plundering the nation.


June 17.