a difference of opinion

A: What is your viewpoint on organ transplantation with reference to religion?

S: It goes perfectly fine as far as I am concerned. Saving a human life is equivalent to saving humanity.

A: But why then, a section of mullahs, opposes this transplantation? Ostensibly, they are of the view that one should not interfere in the acts of nature. What they mean is that the human being is blessed with a set of organs which should not be interfered with.

S: In that case, why should one treat the diseases using the modern scientific methods as nature has prescribed each and every human being a fixed number of years to live? What is the fun in carrying out cardiac and abdominal surgeries? There is no pint in carrying out extensive research to find out the causes and treatments of cancers, autoimmune and infectious diseases. Do you think they are just wasting their resources, in the west, by spending huge sums of money to improve the quality of life of human beings, animals and all the creatures on this earth?

A: I know that certain other Muslim countries have raised no such objections.

S: You have to understand that we are afflicted with these low intellect and uneducated self declared leaders of religion who have never bothered to go beyond the literal meanings of very wide ranging orders. We will have to raise our voice in favour of sanity so that our future generations are able to benefit from modern knowledge.