The Trump administration is trying its best to take away USA’s title of being the most progressive nation in the world - a title often used to justify their political hegemony in the world. The administration’s zero tolerance policy for illegal immigrants is separating families without any regards for humanitarian grounds. This has rightfully angered human rights activists around the globe because a nation proclaiming to be the champion of the human rights cause is not fulfilling the role it is set out to play. The images and videos are making rounds across the globe and many are urging the US government to take charge of the situation and make policies which do not affect families.

A country which rigorously pushes countries across the globe to adopt humanitarian policies and even intervenes in domestic policies of other countries is failing on humanitarian grounds itself. The USA stands at a very shameful junction of history where it is regressing back to orthodox policies and going against the stance it has adopted over the years. The current set up has become a laughing stock for the entire world to comment on and it makes several question the civilisation they so imminently boast of while forcing their own agenda in the global political regime.

No wonder, the globe is witnessing a shift in its stance towards the USA. Even Pakistan’s relationship with USA is sour because the country fails to accept the obvious- its own mistakes in perpetuating the debilitating state of affairs. The decisions of the current regime will have a long-lasting impact on the diplomatic ties as well as gear the global political setup towards progress. At this moment, the future only looks bleak and it is bound to impact the USA itself more than any other set up in the globe.