Various industrial areas of Karachi, in the midst of scorching heat of summer, continue to remain without power for several hours as K-Electric resorted to unannounced loadshedding.

The power supply is being disrupted for nine hours after addition of six hours of unannounced loadshedding.

According to K-Electric, the situation has worsened after the demand of electricity is increased due to soaring temperatures during peak summer.

About 2,000 units in the industrial zone of North Karachi have been suffering the most.

Meanwhile, the North Karachi Trade Association has lessened the number of shifts working in the industrial units, that in consequence has resulted in unemployment.

According to an official, Tariq Rashid, thousands of workers have lost their jobs due to loadshedding.

Other industrialists told the media that power outages have been contributing to total production losses of Rs100 million per day.

Reports pouring in from other regions suggested that power supply remained suspended for many hours in a number of localities.