LAHORE   -    PML-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz says facing countless problems because of the wrong policies of the PTI-led coalition, people have pinned hopes on opposition parties.

Talking to reporters at the residence of Khwaja Saad Rafiq and his brother on Wednesday, she said the opposition should give the government tough time and expose its failures on all fronts.

A court rejected the bail pleas of the Khwaja Brothers after which the daughter of the incarcerated prime minister visited their family to express solidarity with them.

“This is an inept government. The country is plunging. The government has failed on all fronts. All opposition parties agree that people should come out against the rulers. However, the final shape of the anti-government drive will be decided by the all-party conference,” Maryam said.

She said she had prepared her own schedule of public meetings and workers’ rallies. However, she did not give any details.

Some media reports suggest that the APC would be held in Islamabad on June 25 to decide opposition parties’ future course of action. Maulana Fazlur Rehman, the would-be host, is making contacts with various parties to bring all anti-government forces on the same platform.

Maryam said imprisonment, cases, victimisation and banishment were the major tools a government could use against its opponents. But, she said, she was not afraid of anything as her family had already experiences all these measures.

Challenging fairness of July 2018 electoral process that brought the PTI to power, Maryam said votes had been stolen and a conspiracy hatched to enthrone Imran Khan. She said power had been given to the PTI on a platter. “Nobody can stop me from saying this”, thundered the fearless daughter of the three-time former prime minister.

Underlining the need for the opposition parties to stand by people, she said anyone, including the PML-N, who failed to do this would face what she called public wrath.

She said her father had directed her not to be worried about him as he had entrusted all his matters to Allah. She said her father wanted to devote all her time to people.

She was critical of the ‘double standards’ being followed by the government for its own people and the rivals.

Nobody was asking the prime minister’s sister Aleema Khan how she had made assets worth billions of rupees when charity was her only source of income. More regrettable was the fact that no action had been taken against her although she had paid fine and there were many a loophole in her declaration of assets.

Maryam Nawaz was of the view that Khwaja Brothers were being victimised. She acknowledged their role in restoration of democracy.

She said Saad Rafiq’s only fault was that he contested election against Imran Khan.

She said the government was arresting its rivals which implied that it was not in a position to have the budget passed.