KARACHI - Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) on Wednesday also hinted at coming out on roads against the incumbent provincial government-led by Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarian (PPPP) and said that it had failed to deliver during past 11 years.

“The Sindh government should be made accountable before masses for 11 years it ruled the province,” said PSP leaders Arshad Vohra, Ashfaq Mangi and others while addressing a presser at Karachi Press Club.

The PSP leaders rejected the budget tabled by the chief minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah and said that it was nothing more than the figures as the urban Sindh was totally neglected in it.

“It is due to their policies that urban centres are dialiapatated and the biggest city of the country –Karachi - has become the worst city of the Asia as far as infrastructure development is concerned,” Vohra said. He said that it was unfortunate that even projects that began in 2008 could not be completed till now. “The provincial authorities also kept a criminal silence over low count of the city in the census,” they said adding that neither new hospitals nor transport projects could be initiated in the tenure of successive PPP governments.

The PSP leaders said that the crime rate in the city has surged due to absence of concrete policy to deal with it. “Why no permanent home minister is appointed for a long time,” he asked.

“Water issue in the city have become intolerable but the authorities had failed to revamp the water and sewerage board and make proper allocations for completing K-IV and S-III projects in the city,” he said. He also blamed both MQM-P and PTI-coalition partners in federal government- for failing to fulfill the demands of the city. “Where has the Karachi Package of Rs 25 billion and now Rs 162 billion has gone,” asked the PSP leaders addressing the presser.

Ashfaq Mangi said that party would hold a public gathering in the city to give ultimatum to the governments for resolving Karachi issues, otherwise they would be forced to take to streets.  He further demanded resignation of Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah for his failure to deliver to the masses.