BADIN - Hundreds of growers staged protest against shortage of agriculture water at tail-end areas here on Wednesday.

According to reports, the acute shortage of water in main sub-canals of Phuleli canal division severely affected lives of the residents of union councils Shaheed Dodo Soomro, Ahmed Raju, Seerani, Bhugra Memon, and Behdmi of Taluka Badin.

The situation sparked the growers to hold sit-in protest outside Badin Press Club which upset routine traffic flow of the city.

Speaking on the occasion, Ex-Secretary Irrigation and grower Mir Mohammad Parhyar, member of district council Badin, Pir Papu Shah, Ali Ahmed Thebo, Abdullah Chandio and others held Irrigation Department, SIDA and Area Water Board responsible for this water shortage in the district.

The speakers said that growers of district Badin especially from tail-end canals have been economically destroyed due to flawed planning of SIDA and frequent water theft. The growers have been ruined and people started migration from there. Despite passing of three or more weeks, the growers of district were not supplied with water for their paddy crops and its seeding, they added.

Frequent borrowings and loans for agriculture purpose have been lost and consequently growers were bearing loss of millions. Agriculture system has completely been destroyed as well as livestock was about to perish.

They demanded from higher concerns authorities to provide the water to tail-ends on priority basis mitigate unrest of the growers.