ISLAMABAD - Yang Haiyan, deputy chief engineer of Bei Fang Investigation, Design & Research Co. Ltd (BIDR), has said that the Diamer Bhasha Dam is a world class me­ga-hydro project and taking part in this project is a huge challenge for them.

On May 11, Prime Minister Imran Khan had urged for immediate start of the dam construction.

In an exclusive interview to Gwadar Pro, Yang Haiyan said, facing such a difficult work has showed confidence. “Since 2003, we have worked for water conservancy con­struction in Pakistan” he said.

“We have taken part in investigation and design of al­most all of the hydropower projects in Pakistan, such as Tarbela Dam, Kohala Dam, SK, Gomal Zam Dam,” he added.

He informed the dam construction will create 16,500 jobs and consume a huge quantity of cement and steel, which will give boost to the local industry. The main purpose of the dam is water storage and production of 4,500MW cheap and affordable electricity for meeting the country’s energy requirements.

“Comparing with other world class mega-hydro sta­tions, the Bhasha Dam can be reckoned as a difficult pro­ject,” Yang Haiyan, deputy chief engineer of Bei Fang In­vestigation, Design & Research Co. Ltd (BIDR), said.