MARDAN - The newly appointed District Police Officer (DPO), Dr. Zahidullah, on Friday said that his top priority was to counter narcotics, land mafia and other ma­fias and to reduce distance between police and pub­lic in the district.

He expressed these views while talking to different delegations of elders and media personnel. He said the role of police was to elimination crime from the soci­ety and police was responsible for the protection and property of the citizen. He added that it was his top pri­ority that cops discharge their duties with missionary zeal and not to misbehave with the public.

Dr. Zahidullah said that it was need of the time to restore trust of the public on police force. He said that terrorism and the coronavirus pandemic have increased police responsibilities. However, he add­ed, operation against the narcotic sellers, land ma­fia and other outlaws, anti-social elements and crim­inals will continue in the district.

The DPO pointed out that peaceful atmosphere was imperative for prosperity and development of any country and no force on earth could achieve its targets against criminals without active support of the general public. He added that he will take onboard all the stake holders including local representatives of all relevant or­ganizations to find out a viable solution to the problems.