LAHORE - LCCI President Irfan Iqbal Sheikh has urged the government to bring down water tariff as the businesses cannot continue their operations at such high cost of water.

In a letter written to Governor Punjab on Friday, he said that water tariff in Faisalabad and Gujranwala are far low than Lahore.

LCCI president said the industries were getting excessive water bills at the rate of Rs one lakh per cusec. The industrialists of Faisalabad are being charged water tariff of Rs 20000 per cusec. Faisalabad city is very much a part of Punjab but there is a huge difference in the water tariff. The manufacturers in Gujranwala are also being charged much lower per cusec water tariff.

He said that recently, the World Bank has made it clear that exports are crucial for economic recovery of Pakistan.

He questioned that how industries and exporters can grow in the presence of high water charges and over billing coupled with high energy cost. He said that not only water charges fixation mechanism should be reviewed but these should be uniform across the country. Aquifer charges of Rs.100,000 per month, imposed on the industries extracting water through tube wells of one-cusec capacity, were exorbitant and should be brought down. WASA has fixed Rs.100,000 per month and Rs.50,000 per month for the installation of tube wells having capacity of one cusec and half cusec respectively by the industrial and commercial sectors while a 10% surcharge are also applicable to late payment.