ISLAMABAD           -         Sharp criticism from the treasury benches against the leaders and policies of previous governments created a united front composing the main opposition parties - PPP-P and PML-N - who jointly staged a strong protest on the floor of the National Assembly.

The debate on budgetary proposals of the federal budget 2020-21 turned into a messy ruckus when inflammatory remarks from PTI MNA Amjad Ali Niazi resulted in the lawmakers from PML-N and PPP-P to stand on their seats in protest.

Amjad Ali Niazi from southern Punjab came down hard on previous governments for not providing any relief to masses despite ruling for forty years.

“Loans, poverty, unemployment, price hike are the gifts given by the previous governments to masses,” he said, mentioning that both the parties [PML-N and PPP-P] had taken turns to rule the country. He said Supreme Court has declared the PML-N a mafia

PPP-P’s Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, taking part in a debate, said that the PTI should stop blaming previous governments and start working for the relief of the masses. He said a ten percent increase in salaries and pensions should be given to the masses.

“For the first time pink books were not provided to members in the budget 2020-21,” he said, mentioning that Prime Minister needs to watch his attitude. He also opposed the budgetary proposal for fixing Rs80 billion for the construction of dams.

PML-N senior Riaz Hussain Pirzada, taking part in debate, said that the government should not use coronavirus as shield to hide its inability. “There is no transparency in the figures of this budget 2020-21,” he said, fearing that the government would soon have to introduce mini-budget. He further accused the government of trying to hide the correct statistics.

He went on to say that the lands in Cholistan were allotted to generals and they were also provided irrigation, on the other hand the farmers were being deprived of their lands in Bahawalpur and Cholistan.

He said Nawaz Sharif gave land for the water reservoir but so far no consortium had been announced for the purpose.

The house witnessed a very thin presence from both sides of aisle as most of the members was seen leaving the house after delivering speeches.