KASHIF ABBASI & SHAHID RAO ISLAMABAD/RAWALPINDI Hide and seek between police and the protesters continued on Friday as apparently politically motivated protesters kept protesting on the second consecutive day against the hike in public transport fares in the twin cities. Hundreds of protesters took to roads at Bhara Kahu in the morning and blocked Murree Road in the Federal Capital by placing heavy trucks on it. Whereas, hundreds of people, mostly belonging to Rawalpindi, came on Express Highway and blocked it to press the Government to decrease the transport fares and prices of edible items. Angry protesters smashed the windowpanes of shops and vehicles, set ablaze a car at Faizabad Bridge and blocked the highway for all kinds of traffic. Furious protesters burnt tyres and damaged the parked cars to vent out their anger against the Government. The protesters not only blocked the Express Highway - the main road that links Rawalpindi and Islamabad - but also damaged traffic signals, electricity poles and police pickets. When charged protesters were trying to cross Faizabad picket, police hurled teargas on them and chased them for arresting. On this, some protesters stormed a house in sector 1-8 where the local opened fire on them. Resultantly one student got bullet injury on his leg. The huge number of people came on Express Highway at 09:00 a.m. and blocked it for all kinds of traffic. Heavy contingents of police stopped the protesters near Faizabad who were trying to enter the Red Zone where Parliament House, Supreme Court building etc are located. The Faizabad was centre of hide and seek between police and protesters. The protesters pelting policemen with stones and police used teargas to disperse them. During this course 29 people and 20 police officials got injured. SSP Islamabad Tahir Alam Khan and Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Amir Ali Ahmed led the police party. Finally police lost it temper after waiting for several hours and started an operation at 04:32 p.m. against the protesters to disperse them by force. Heavy contingent of Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) were called in to control the worsening situation, as the police seemed to be unable to control the angry mob. Police resorted to baton charge, teargas shelling and aerial firing and arrested more than 300 protesters from Faizabad. Later while extending operation against the mob, police arrested dozens of protesters from Dhoke Kala Khan, Kuri Road and Koral and Bhara Kahu. The Express Highway presented the scene of a battlefield as thousands of stones, casings of teargas shells, even a large-sized tree placed by protesters at Koral could be seen at roads. The arrested protesters were shifted to different police stations. Talking to TheNation SSP Islamabad said that despite having sufficient force they were not ready to start operation against the protesters but they compelled them to do this. Protesters blamed the administration that it had failed to rein in transporters who charged increased fares, which was the reason of Fridays violence. Talking to this scribe Deputy Commissioner Islamabad said, We have suspended fares list but protesters are demanding cut in fares issued by Rawalpindi administration. Later, Acting IG of Islamabad Police Bin Yameen and Commissioner Islamabad Tariq Pirzada made aerial inspection over the city to check the situation. Meanwhile, the commuters travelling between the twin cities also faced difficulties in absence of public transport and had to travel on foot to reach their destinations. The road blocked at Faizabad caused record traffic jam in twin cities. PPI adds: On the occasion, protestors talking to journalists vowed to continue their protest till the acceptance of their demands. They said no one will be allowed to usurp the rights of poor masses. The protestors said they were ready to offer their lives in order to protect their rights.