PUNE As a player, Ross Albert Chapman, the 57-year-old former right-handed batsman of New South Wales team, yielded no success (he played only one match, scoring only four runs) but Australias Michael Clarke has every reason to specially thank him on Friday. Chapman, now the teams psychologist, took several sessions with Clarke earlier this week, and his patient showed no lasting effects from the break-up of his engagement, which forced him home to Sydney last week, as he paced his century innings perfectly on Friday, the first day in Wellington Test against New Zealand. The Australian team has used psychologists support for many years, certainly going back before my time, Peter Young, the Communications Official, Cricket Australia, said from Melbourne. The role is part time and the team psychologist comes into the team from time to time on a planned basis, he added. He was not sent to look after Clarke. He was scheduled quite a while ago, certainly before Michael (Clarke) left the team to come back to Australia from New Zealand to rejoin the team at this time for some time, Young insisted. Ross Chapman has undertaken the role for a number of years. Before him, we used Phil Jauncey for many years on a similar basis. Ross is a former cricketer and is a Brisbane based psychologist. He does a lot of group work with the team and is also available to talk on one to one basis, Peter Young added. Interestingly, Chapman is a boarding master in Brisbane Grammar School. But he will be leaving this job next week, the schools communications manager Ms Wendy Johnston said from Brisbane. More recently, Ross has acted as consultant to an international firm specialising in the assessment and improvement of workplace practices while coaching several of Australias leading cricketing and rugby identities. Education, pastoral care and the motivation of young people were Ross priorities. While training to become a psychologist, he also completed a Masters in Education. Ross found this path led him to a love of counseling with a predilection for motivation which he developed into the training, coaching and mentoring of executives. Business and pleasure are interwoven for Ross. Studying, learning and sport are Rosss passions as well as his career. Ross makes time to travel widely and has a great appreciation of understanding people, places and cultures through films. Highlights of his biography includes coaching the Amsterdam cricket club and rugby in England and Scotland before returning to Australia to introduce the gym club concept in the 1970s.