KARACHI Sydney World Cup hockey 1994 hero gold medalist goalkeeper Ahmed Alam has argued that when Pakistan hockey can survive the 1972 Munich Olympics debacle why cannot it survive lesser debacle of New Delhi World Cup and said collective efforts were needed to pull the national hockey back to where it was before. Talking to TheNation here Friday, Ahmed who led Pakistan in 1998 Sydney Olympics said it was at Munich Pakistan wrote darkest chapter of its hockey history when the entire hockey team was banned from international hockey for its worst unsporting behavior ever seen in Olympics history. If Pakistan could come back after that tragic event in the final against host Germany why cant Pakistan come back after unfortunately finishing 12th at New Delhi World Cup which was not as traumatic as was seventh September of 1972. After Munich, Pakistan won three World Cups in 1978,1982 and 1994 and won Olympics in 1984. It showed that Pakistan hockey had the depth and the will to come back after an unfortunate mishap. All was not lost for Pakistan at Delhi World Cup, he said. No doubt it was a huge disappointment for the nation and for Pakistan hockey but that it did not mean Pakistan hockey was doomed for ever, said Ahmed Alam who seven times played for the country in the Champions Trophy. History had shown time and again that Pakistan hockey had always been robust and strong. It had reservoir of unfathomable talent which could be harnessed for regaining the glory only if given opportunities to perform to its capability. He said he had full faith in Pakistan hockey and was convinced it will once again come back but it would need collective wisdom of all who had interest of the game at heart. He said without wasting time and energies Pakistan should immediately start preparation for New Delhi Commonwealth games which is just 210 days away and the Asian Games in China which is exactly 239 days away. If the nation continued to be involved in allegations and counter allegations, only Pakistan hockey will suffer, he added. The PHF should immediately launch its preparation plans for the two above mentioned events. It should sit down contact players interested to play. Current Pakistan team had the capability to do better, he said. Turning to the recent events of the past week when a number of senior Olympians who had been part of Pakistan team that won grand titles in the past, he said, he had respect from them. But these seniors who had brought several international laurels for Pakistan instead of being positive were taking a negative stance. Instead of giving solutions how to revive hockey, they were working on one point of agenda of removing secretary of the PHF. They had made Asif Bajwa their target of criticism. Asif Bajwa and his team, he said, had already been punished for their performance. The PHF president former Olympian Qasim Zia acted boldly and within minutes after Pakistan lost to Canada, removed the entire management of the team when it was in New Delhi. Usually it was done after the team return home but so much pressure was put that he had act immediately. Asif Bajwa may have failed to deliver at New Delhi but one had to look at his record as secretary PHF before reaching a final verdict. Recent records show that Asif Bajwa had done more for Pakistan hockey as secretary than many famous names of the past. Since he became secretary Pakistan, hockey had moved forward positively. He introduced paid coaches not heard before only because the PHF under Qasim Zia had been able to collect all the funds needed to ruin the sport in the country. The PHF had launched a number of programme at grass root level which was bound to produce good players in the future. The PHF had launched 18 hockey academies in which 575 junior players were being trained. Each player was given Rs 1000 as monthly stipend. As many as 50 coaches were hired out of which 48 were being paid. All this was done by Asif Bajwa with the support of his president. He said during his playing career, he had heard some stalwarts of hockey in the past talk about academies but nothing was done because they could not collect funds but it was the PHF under Qasim Zia who had done it. The PHF had not seen so much money in his account even when the federation had a serving prime minister as its head. The current PHF also had the honour to launch a junior league and franchise of each team was sold. A junior team was raised from this league which won Asia Cup. Pakistan White which has second level of national players was sent to SAF Games where it won gold beating India. These were some of the achievements of the PHF and Asif Bajwa had a hand in it. But that did not mean that Asif Bajwa should not be hold accountable. He had already been punished. As far as spending funds on various scheme was concerned the PHF had its own audit system and any waste could be easily detected.