I was just thinking about the power shortages in Pakistan and I concluded some very basic solutions can be tried by domestic consumers with the help of government. If there is no power for 5-6 hours daily in any locality, some of the middle class consumers in that community with a small enough family, say one that lives in a 2-3 bedroom house, can go for buying a generator. A solar generator of a reputable brand for coping with the needs of a small house would cost between 50-60 thousand rupees. If the government could start a project wherein the affluent members of society could contribute 50-60 thousand rupees each, or members of the community themselves become share holders in the project, solar generators can also be easily established at neighbourhood level. These generators could provide service to medium-sized communities and could be collective assets of the people just like parks and community centers. What is required is the tax-free import of solar equipment by the government and small-scale contributions by charitable rich or some investment on part of the community itself. I think we can get over this energy crisis if we act smartly and in the bargain also generate more jobs and investment opportunities. -AHMAD KAMAL KHATTAK, Pesh-awar, March 16.