LAHORE PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif has said that the present government is losing confidence of the people due to widespread corruption and now they cannot afford to lose more time to wag a war against such evils as well as for getting their problems solved. It is highly unfortunate that corruption scandals of the present government have deprived it of the public trust at a time when the government was required to pay heed to solving problems of the people of Balochistan and to take steps for rehabilitation of the state economy, said Nawaz Sharif while talking to Khudai Noor, head of the PML-N Organisation Committee, Balochistan chapter, who met Nawaz to brief him on the organisational matters of the province at Raiwind on Friday. Nawaz said the government had totally failed in taking the killers of Nawab Akbar Bugti to task and also in healing wounds of Baloch people. Instead the government has implicated the nation in fresh issues and problems, he added. In his view a fair and comprehensive probe through a judicial commission, into the military operation carried out in Balochistan during Pervez Musharraf regime, delegation of responsibilities to the police for the maintaining law and order, restoration of Murree and Bugti tribes and early payment of compensation to them are pressing needs of the hour. He said PML-N would not sit quiet unless killers of Bugti were duly punished, and those who subverted the constitution and practiced corruption were taken to task. They fall in the top priorities of the PML-N which the party will seriously pursue, he further added. He said the survival and stability of the country lay in a stable democratic system, strong institutions, supremacy of the Constitution, rule of law and return of the national wealthy from the Swiss banks for which, he added, his party would continue to play its due role and making hectic efforts. Not only that but also solution to the chronic problems of Balochistan also forms their priority, he added. Nawaz Sharif said in politics, PML-N had always followed principles in the course of which, he added, they always gave precedent to the national interests over the personal ones. This fact, he said, speaks through their successful efforts for the restoration of judiciary and the role played to maintain its respect and dignity which, according to him, obliged the government to act with regard to it as per the constitution and the law. Nawaz maintained his party would continue efforts for the supremacy of the Constitution and the law as well as for due rights of Baloch people with the same spirit the party showed on National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), Kerry-Lugar Bill, waiving off bank loans, and on judiciary on which they made the Government to bow down. Nawaz counted delay in resolving constitutional issues, negative attitude of the government shown the Charter of Democracy (CoD) and on written commitments, as principal reasons for the existing predicament of the country particularly of Balochistan. He groused the rulers had made the matters complex rather complicated under constitutional reforms committee which were otherwise simple and easy to solve. He said the PML-N strongly felt the government was not sincere and single-minded in the matters like establishing sovereignty of the Parliament, early restoration of the Constitution to the state it was on October 12, 1999, implementation of the Charter of Democracy, end to load-shedding, reduction in the petrol and corruption, freedom of the press, public problems of price hike and others, which are causing uncertainty in the country. He asked the government to re-arrange its priorities with an aim to solving the problems of the masses and ending those factors which were causing uncertainly and dismay in the masses and could also jeopardize democracy in the country. He reiterated the demand for solving problems of the Baloch people so that their deprivations come to an end. Nawaz Sharif directed the Provincial Organisation Committee to promote and bring in young and energetic people in party so that the party could be protected from those who tend to support the dictators and were time server. Meanwhile, envoy of the German Foreign Minister, Berd Mutzelburg and Ambassador Micheal Koch called on Nawaz Sharif at his Raiwind residence and exchanged views on the matters of mutual interest. Nawaz Sharif highlighted the valuable friendly bonds between Pakistan and Germany and emphasized that importance of German investment in Pakistan, especially in the energy and power sector. Nawaz said his party stood for peace and stability in the region and wanted the international community to help its efforts to resolve the contentious issues particularly the issue of Kashmir existing between India and Pakistan. He said atrocities in Kashmir, extremism and radicalism have taken roots in the region and 'wasteful escalation in defence expenditures neglecting the social sector. German Ambassador conveyed goodwill massage of the German Government and praised the PML-Ns leadership role in strengthening democracy and restoration of the judiciary in Pakistan. He also offered vocational and technical training to Pakistani youth.